Repair Don’t Replace

Many people assume that once their garage door breaks or becomes jammed they need to buy a new one. The average cost of replacing a basic up and over garage door is approximately £800. However, the vast majority of broken garage doors can be fixed, and very often, we can have them working like new again.

By contacting Wigan Garage Door Repairs, you could repair your existing door for under £100 (depending on the issue). Simply get in touch for a free assessment and quote or to book your Repair.

We can fix both manual and electric garage doors quickly and at an affordable price.

Benefits of getting your garage door repaired:

Affordable - at least five times cheaper than replacement.

Speed - most garage doors repaired in one visit and back like new again.

Convenient - no shopping around for a new garage door and getting quotes.

Guaranteed - all our garage door repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.